Friday, September 18, 2009

Freaky Friday

Buon Giorno, i miei amici!

I forgot how quickly four days of class fly by. I’m used to not having classes on Fridays (thanks, art school!) but the school days here pass even faster because we have each class only once a week for long periods of time.

Well, T.G.I.F. We have a busy day planned, but I doubt we’ll get to all of it. Our first stop is the Uffizi (finally!!!!!!!) but unfortunately not to look around, just to buy our memberships. It’s very exciting; we have free admission to every museum in the city and surrounding areas for only 40 euro! Yes, it’s steep, but I think admission is about 12 euro per person for the Uffizi. Did I mention we live two blocks away from it?

After we become “Amici degli Uffizi”, we plan to head over to the market in Sant’Ambrogio, behind Santa Croce (the giant church in our ‘hood) to stock up on quality fruits, veggies, and other miscellaneous, decently priced goods. I’m desperate for some mushrooms that aren’t funghi bianchi because I hate white mushrooms. Everywhere we’ve gone to eat has an array of mushroom dishes, chock full of exotic, flavorful mushrooms. But of course, our stupid supermarket only has white mushrooms. I have high hopes for our outdoor neighborhood market.

Following Sant’Ambrogio, we’ll be heading to the bus station to take a free shuttle to… IKEA! We actually need to buy things from there, so this isn’t your typical “I love Ikea, so I’m going to waste an entire day there because it’s awesome,” scenario.  I need to buy a cheap drop cloth for Printing on Textiles class (My roommate, Signe, switched into that class too!) and we need to buy wine glasses. And some plants.

Speaking of Printing on Textiles and mushrooms, the first pattern I’ll be printing is a bunch of clusters of mushrooms. One section of the pattern is dedicated to the funky underside of ‘shrooms. It’s going to be excellent. I hope.

After the voyage to Ikea, we’re going home, eating, chilling, and then getting ready to go to an electronica fest at a venue northwest of our house. It should be fun. And interesting.

That’s about it.

During the early part of the week, I was mostly occupied with classes and homework and True Blood. Italian is getting tough, but Margaret and I are sticking it out. We learned 3 tenses in 3 days. But our teacher took us out for gelato yesterday, so it’s all worth it.




I couldn’t find the Sant’Ambrogio market. That, or it ended before I got there. I did, however, stumbled upon an amazing "antique" marketplace on the way. By antique, of course I don't mean actual antique - I mean sweet vintage bric-a-brac. I couldn’t resist, and I got the most amazing brass owl bank, and brass owl bottle opener. They were really decently priced, really well made… and awesome.

Also, the lady told me the word for “owl” in italiano: gufo.

Too cute. Mostly because it sounds like “goof-o”. I thought owls were supposed to be wise?

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