Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm 21!

The weekend was excellent. Though the bus ride to Pompei was 7 hours long each way, it was bearable and I think everyone bonded. Sorrento is gorgeous and we saw Vesuvius. It's way overdue for an eruption, by the way. 

Dad, Maria, and I got gelato last night and sat in front of Santa Croce until I turned 21 at midnight. Then we went to this skeezy but charming American bar and I got my first drink as a 21-year-old: a Heineken. 

In Italian class today, my classmates sang "Happy Birthday" to me in Italian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Armenian, Chinese, and Bulgarian. 

And Venice was amazing. The canals are as mystical as I remember them. 


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  1. WHOO! That sounds like the best birthday ever. Gelato? Alcohol with your dad and stepmom? Extraordinarily classy.