Sunday, November 15, 2009


Excerpt from journal on Thursday, November 12th:

"I think I’m in love.

I accompanied Hope to the train station this morning, and decided to take a leisurely stroll back. I wandered through the markets in San Lorenzo, gawked at the Duomo, purchased tickets for tonight’s Amleto (Italian Hamlet!) at the Teatro Verdi down the street, got coffee at Il Cibreo (famous and old café/trattoria/theater complex), wandered through the Sant’Ambrogio market and bought olives and prosciutto, gawked at Santa Croce, pet a mangy poodle at the antique market, and bought another postcard of Il David.

It’s official. I love Florence. I mean, I really love Florence.

Christmas lights are being hung throughout the streets! I am ecstatic. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 26th, I am blaring Christmas music. I cannot wait to do the Christmas season Euro-style."

More soon! Paris and Rome details on the way! 

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  1. THIS IS GREAT. I'm so happy for you (and sad for me that my stay was so short.) How's your roommates' health?